Together with the local community, we have reviewed the 2017 adopted Neighbourhood Plan to provide an additional 450 dwellings by 2032.

The Farnham Neighbourhood Plan Review 2019 was submitted to Waverley Borough Council on 25 January. As the planning authority, Waverley Borough Council has now written to confirm that the technical consultation will take place from Thursday 7 February to 11.59pm on 21 March 2019. See the letter of confirmation.

The consultation will be followed by an independent examination in April.

It is important that as many people as possible respond to the consultation so that the independent examiner knows the community’s views.

Take part in the consultation.

Once adopted, the new Neighbourhood Plan will carry weight in determining the right locations for development in Farnham which will be in line with the community’s wishes. This should prevent speculative development on greenfield sites.

How the Neighbourhood Plan has changed

The amended Neighbourhood Plan:

  • incorporates minor text updates and changes to reflect what has happened and permissions granted since the made Neighbourhood Plan was prepared and adopted
  • the end date has been harmonised with the Waverley Local Plan for consistency
  • allocates new sites to meet the new housing target of an additional 450 homes

See the minor (non-material) updates to the Made Farnham Neighbourhood Plan 2017 

Farnham Town Council does not consider that the minor revisions change the nature of the Plan.

Background evidence

Regulation 15 submission letter

Farnham Neighbourhood Plan Review Basic Conditions Statement

Minor (non-material) updates 2019

Reg 15 Farnham Neighbourhood Plan Review 2019

Reg 15 Farnham Neighbourhood Plan Review App 2 Housing Allocation

Reg 15 Farnham Neigbourhood Plan App 3 Employment Sites

Reg 15 Farnham Neighbourhood Plan App 4 Neighbourhood Centres

Map A – Built up area boundary

Map B – Conservation areas

Map C – Arcadian areas

Map D – AONB 

Map E – Areas HLV and S

Map F – Old Park

Map G – SANG 2019

Map H – Green infrastructure

Map I – Housing Allocations

Map K – Business

Map L – Town centre

Map M – East Street and Dogflud

Map N – Woolmead

Map O – Neighbourhood centres

Map P – Proposed sports pitches

Map Q – Runfold Quarry

Supporting Documents


Landscape Character Area Assessment, 2018

European Special Protection Areas and Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace, 2019


Farnham Housing Land Availability Assessment (FHLAA) December 2018

FHLAA sites rejected

FHLAA allocated sites

FHLAA not included

Student accommodation, December 2018


Copies of letters from infrastructure providers:

South East Water

Thames Water

SCC highways meeting

Community engagement

Farnham Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Statement December, 2018

Consultation Statement Appendices 1-22

Consultation Statement Appendices 23-28

Farnham Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Statement July, 2016

Regulation 14 consultation feedback and responses:

Comments on additional housing sites

Responses to general comments

Developer responses

Combined responses with Farnham Town Council comments

Summary responses

Developer submissions (large documents – available on request)


Farnham Neighbourhood Plan Review Sustainability Appraisal

Sustainability Appraisal / Strategic Environmental Assessment – non-technical summary

Habitats Regulation Assessment / Appropriate Assessment (January 2019)

Copy Regulation 14 draft pre-submission Neighbourhood Plan (August 2018)

Copy Farnham Neighbourhoood Plan (Adopted July 2017)

Regulation 15 pages of 2016