About the town crier

Jonathan Jones has lived in Hale for over 30 years. He was appointed by Farnham Town Council in 2003 after winning a town crier competition. The town crier promotes events and gets involved in civic activities such as the annual mayor making ceremony and the town’s Venison Dinner.

Jonathan will stay in the role for as long as he wishes and receives a small honorarium fee.

Read an interview with Jonathan Jones.

Publicising your event

The town crier can help to publicise events for local charities and voluntary organisations. To find out more, visit the town crier’s website.


The town crier’s uniform reflects Farnham’s heritage. The coat is ‘Farnham green’ which is the same as the background colour of the shield on Farnham’s coat of arms. The green also represents Farnham Park where Farnham Castle is located. The waistcoat is red and is in honour of the red waistcoat frequently worn by Farnham’s most famous son, William Cobbett. Black britches, white stockings, a linen shirt, stock (neck cloth), jabot and tongue and buckle shoes complete the ensemble. The outfit is topped off by a large replica 18th century tricorn hat and a bell.