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Farnham Town Crier

Town crier ringing a bell

Meet Farnham’s Town Crier and find out what he loves about Farnham, his livery and how he can help publicise your event.

About the town crier

Michael Stephens was appointed Farnham Town Crier in April 2023 following a selection process that involved penning and delivering a “crie” about Farnham at the bottom of Castle Street. The competition was adjudicated by Farnham Town Councillors and a number of Town Criers as representatives of the Ancient and Honourable Guild of Town Criers. 

Michael is passionate about his home town. He is a budding local historian and says he ‘will gladly talk about Farnham until the cows come home (or until the hops ripen, depending on the season)’. Michael describes himself as a ‘keen, if rather slow, runner’ and endeavours to go out every day. He has been along almost every road, lane and footpath in the town and in the surrounding countryside at some stage. He occasionally takes and posts pictures of interesting, beautiful and unusual things he sees along the way. You can find and follow him on Instagram by searching for: or on Facebook @Farnham Town Crier.

During the day, Michael assists school governors with the appointment of headteachers. He is also a CBT therapist. He is married to Linda who is a yoga teacher and women’s health and wellbeing specialist. They have three children who were/are all educated at local schools.

The Town Crier promotes events and supports civic activities including the annual ‘Mayor Making’ ceremony, Remembrance Sunday Service, Civic Carol Service and Services to Farnham Awards to name a few. The post of Town Crier is voluntary although a small honorarium is given.  


Many town criers wore red coats (indeed many were former soldiers, literally Red Coats) but Michael’s livery reflects Farnham’s heritage. The coat is ‘Farnham green’ stemming from the fact that, in Saxon times, the village was called Fearnhamme (meadow where ferns grow). The green is also a nod to the town’s history as a well-renowned hop growing area as well as to Farnham Park where the Castle is located. The waistcoat, black breaches, white stockings, linen shirt, stock (neck cloth), jabot and tongue and buckle shoes complete the ensemble. The outfit is topped off by an 18th century tricorn hat and, of course, a bell. 

Publicising your event 

The town crier can help to publicise events for local schools, charities, and other organisations. Michael is also available for weddings, birthdays and corporate events. For bookings or to find out more please contact Michael directly via Facebook (@Farnham Town Crier) or Instagram ( Alternatively, he can be reached on 07565 919299.

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