About Andernach

Andernach is a beautiful town with a population of around 30,000 people. It is located in the Rhine Valley and is situated towards the end of the Neuwied basin. It is on the left Rhine bank between the former tiny fishing village of Fornich in the north and the mouth of the small river Nette in the south east. A few hundred metres downstream of Andernach the Rhine valley narrows from both sides forming the northern part of the romantic Middle Rhine stretch. Andernach is 13 miles north of Koblenz. It is one of the oldest towns in Germany, founded by the Romans as ‘Antunnacum‘ in 12BC on an old Celtic settlement site. Farnham and Andernach have been twinned since 1992. Residents and schools take part in exchange visits.

Twinning in Farnham

Once a year, the Mayor of Farnham visits Andernach. Farnham schools also take part in exchange visits.

Farnham Andernach Friendship Association

The Association fosters ties between Farnham and Andernach and aims to promote international understanding. There are opportunities for clubs, societies, businesses, families and individuals to build contacts and make exchange visits with the people of Andernach.

Further information

To find out more about Andernach, visit the Andernach website. For information about twinning in Farnham contact the Chairman of the Farnham Andernach Friendship Association Penny Marriott on 01252 714489