About the awards

Once a year, we give Services to Farnham Awards to people who provide an outstanding or crucial service to the community or the people of Farnham. The awards’ medals are kindly sponsored by Sir Ray Tindle of the Tindle News Group.


Nominations are welcome from local organisations and from members of the public.

To nominate somebody you know, please complete the Services to Farnham Award nomination form.


The deadline for nominating somebody for a Services to Farnham Award will be December 2018.


A small panel of people consider the nominations and put forward their winning selections to a meeting of the Full Council at the end of January.

Presentation of the awards

The winners are invited to receive their awards at a special ceremony in February. This normally takes place on the last Monday in February. The Mayor of Farnham presents the awards.

Recipients of Services to Farnham Awards


The Mayor of Farnham, Councillor John Ward presented medals to:

John Boas Services-to-Farnham-Awards-2017

John Boas

For services to the community of Badshot Lea

John Boas has made a significant contribution to the community of Badshot Lea for almost 50 years. Projects he has helped implement in Badshot Lea, along with other villagers and businesses, range from the building of an indoor swimming pool for Badshot Lea Infant School to being a regular supporter of the village carnivals, and from being a mainstay of the St George’s Players to being a driving force behind the Village Hall.

Most notably, in the 1970s, John became one of the founder trustees for The Badshot Lea Village Hall, a post which he holds to this day, continuing to help with advice and support following his immense contribution in bringing a dream to reality.

John’s professionalism and passion for Badshot Lea as a leading volunteer on many community projects has meant that the village enjoys facilities of a standard that others aspire to.


Pam Easey Services-to-Farnham-Awards-2017

Pam Easey

For services to Farnham Hospital, Royal Voluntary Service and the Downing Street Charity Shop

Pam has worked for over 30 years as a volunteer for several local charities including the Friends of Farnham Hospital, Royal Voluntary Service and the Downing Street Charity Shop.

Pam’s fellow volunteers always pay tribute to her conscientiousness, dedication, reliability and tireless service whether fundraising, serving meals on wheels or working in the charity shop. Her loyalty and support and advice is inspiring and she is always happy to lend a hand and provide essential support.

Pam Easey is loyal, highly regarded and exemplary volunteer who has served the people of Farnham well and is always prepared to go the extra mile to help others.


Susan Farrow Services-to-Farnham-Awards-2017

Susan Farrow

For services to the heritage of Farnham

Susan Farrow has contributed greatly to Farnham over the past 30 years, bringing considerable benefit and a legacy for future generations. Sue has made a significant personal impact through a wide range of community organisations including the Farnham Buildings Preservation Trust, the Farnham Swimming Baths Trust, the Farnham Society, the Farnham Public Art Trust and the Farnham Visitors’ Forum. In addition she has served as both a Town and Borough Councillor and as a school governor.

Sue’s influence, working alongside key partners, has seen considerable success in the restoration of key heritage buildings and sites including the New Ashgate Galley, the Farnham Pottery and the Victoria Garden.

The continuing success of the Farnham Heritage Weekend, celebrated annually, has much to do with Sue’s leadership and considerable local knowledge as well as her wordsmithing skills in the highly praised brochure.

Sue is a dynamic and enthusiastic person who can be very proud of what she has personally done to enable future generations to appreciate the history and heritage of Farnham.


Evie for David Gill Services-to-Farnham-Awards-2017.

David Gill

For services to Sport

David has a long track record of achievement in getting people involved in sport in Farnham for over 30 years. Initially he was Manager of the Farnham Sports Centre but his knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for all sports has meant that he has been an inspiration for others as a coach and mentor. David is currently Chairman of Farnham Sports Council, the voluntary Director of Surrey Playing Fields Association and a Trustee of the Surrey Cricket Foundation.

David was instrumental in organising the Farnham Community Games encouraging all residents to have a go at over 30 different sports. Such was the dedication and skill of David and his team, the Farnham Community Games was a national role model. More recently David trained as a coach in Boccia in order that a club could start in Farnham.

A born leader with great drive, commitment and enthusiasm, David is truly deserving of this award.

(Pictured – Evie Gill receiving the award on behalf of David Gill.)



Roger Hobbs

For services to Farnham Hedgehogs

During his 30 years as a member of the Hedgehogs, Roger Hobbs has held office as Chairman and been Social Secretary for over 20 years. An incredibly enthusiastic, totally dedicated and a highly valued member of the organisation, he is always the first to volunteer for any fundraising event and he makes a major contribution to the success of any activity in which he participates or organises.

Roger is well-connected with the local community both old and young alike and excels at persuading local businesses to become commercial supporters for the Hedgehogs. As a very sociable and positive individual he has been a great ambassador successfully recruiting new members.

Roger is without question a special person with his feet on the ground and an optimistic view on life, always willing to help anyone in need and caring deeply for others less fortunate than himself.



Carol McFarlane

For services to the communities of Hale and Sandy Hill

Carol McFarlane established and runs the Opportunities Community Project, which helps single parents and returners to work. The project provides a better future for lone parents through training in IT, building confidence and helping people into employment.

As an indication of Carol’s effective contribution since Opportunities was created ten years ago, many of the former students are working and some have attended college and have further qualifications including degrees.

Carol also helps organise pamper evenings, an after-school club, craft events and much more for the benefit of the community and it has been said that nothing is ever too much for Carol!

Carol is an amazing person who helps, encourages, teaches and supports her local community at every opportunity and this is reflected in her much deserved award.



Peter Sauter

For services to Farnham Brass Band

Peter Sauter has been a member of Farnham Brass Band for 30 years. During this time he served as Secretary for 15 years, as Chairman for two years and was the Engagements Officer for a total of 26 years. In addition, Peter also served as Chairman of the Farnham Junior Band.

Over the years Peter has been involved in many key activities including fundraising events for new band uniforms; organising two trips to Switzerland and return visits from Swiss and German bands; and building close relationships within Farnham and nearby communities, always mindful of the need to support local charities and organisations.

Peter Sauter has been very much the public face of the Farnham Brass Band, and has now taken on the important task of documenting the band’s history and organising the band’s music library. He remains a strong player in the band with a notable talent of being able to take on organisational work when needed, and as his nominator says “we are lucky to have him”.



Peter Seager

For services to CARE Farnham

Peter Seager has been a member of CARE Farnham for over 15 years, and has recently stepped down as chairman after seven years. Prior to this Peter was the co-ordinator juggling approximately 3,000 CARE Farnham trips annually with up to 100 voluntary drivers taking clients to hospital, doctors and other appointments. Peter never liked saying ‘no’ to those in need and he always found a driver because of his persuasive skills.

Peter also helps at the Williams Club, for partially sighted and blind people, testament to his commitment to supporting the community of Farnham.

Peter has been described as “Mr CARE Farnham” as a result of his exceptional devotion and this award underpins the appreciation of members and clients of CARE Farnham and the wider community.



Sue Weaver

For services to young people through Change of Scene

As founder and Voluntary Chief Officer at Change of Scene, Sue Weaver provides a place of calmness and a sanctuary for vulnerable and disadvantaged children in Farnham who have experienced trauma in their short lives. Her passion for helping the children is evidenced by giving them one-to-one attention and nurturing their hidden skills and sense of purpose through plants and animals, so that they can be ready to face the world and all the challenges it represents. Her skill, vision and tireless dedication in making a life-changing difference for disadvantaged young people is demonstrated by her success. As a result, Sue and her team have developed Change of Scene into a well-respected charity and an acknowledged centre of learning.

Sue is inspirational and is most deserving of an award to recognise her contribution to the local community.


Wedding, Family, Automotive, PR photographer in UK, Surrey, London, Guildford

Susan Wells

For services to 1st Farnham Girls’ Brigade

Susan Wells has been Captain of the Girls’ Brigade for 31 years and is currently Deputy Commissioner of the Surrey Downs District of the Girls’ Brigade. Sue has given her time tirelessly to the Girls’ Brigade for decades and organises activities for three separate groups every week. She also takes the girls out to Girls’ Brigade events and the annual camp lasting at least five days. In the past, when the camps were combined with the 1st Farnham Boys’ Brigade, Sue played a major role in organising week-long camps further afield including the New Forest and Cornwall. In addition, Sue combines her voluntary commitment with her full time work as a nurse and matron of Farnham Hospital.

Sue deserves recognition for giving her time unstintingly to the 1st Farnham Girls’ Brigade and nurturing generations of young people in Farnham.



The Mayor of Farnham, Councillor Mrs Pat Frost presented medals to:

Martin Billett

Stewart Dakers

Brian Gravestock

Vera and Allan Maxwell

Joanna Michaelides

Gilly Stewart

Diane Vasey

Robert (Bob) Verner-Jeffreys


The Mayor of Farnham, Councillor Jeremy Ricketts presented medals to:

Phil Alexander

Roy Beard

Robert Blackman

Linda Bone

Anne Boyman

Peter Buckingham

John Collins

John Ely

Alan Gavaghan

John Green

Peter Greenyer

Geoffrey Jeal

Margaret Kitney

Diana Martin

David McAdam

Darryl Morgan

Noel Moss

Edward Peek

Michael Prinsep

Ivy and Reg Skeet

Gavin Stride

David and Gillian Victor-Smith

2013/14 winners

The Mayor of Farnham, Councillor Paddy Blagden presented medals to:

Michael Beale

Roger Bradley

Peter Brinsden

Jan Clark

Simon Farrant

David Fisher

Brian Greig

Sue Hepburn

Jonathan Jones

Peter Matthews

Michael Yeadon

2012/13 winners

The Mayor of Farnham, Councillor Stephen Hill presented medals to:

Ian Carter

Meg Daniels

Audrey Gotting

Eric Goulding

David Graham

Sue Gravenell

Ken Powell

Nicky Staszkiewicz

Derek Wall

Marion Wall

Geoff Wallis

Rosemary Wisbey

2011/12 winners

The Mayor of Farnham, Councillor Jill Hargreaves presented medals to:

Keith Aston

Jo Aylwin

Elisabeth Butters

Bill Cushen

Gloria Dyche

Maggie Groves

Lionel Knight

David Lambert

Steve Newport

Eve Price

Olive Silver

Tracy Thayre

Diane Thomas

Phil Thomas

2010/11 winners

The Mayor of Farnham, Councillor John Ward presented medals to:

Elizabeth Bagnall

Ina Barzotelli

Sheelagh Greentree

Michael Hayter

Henry Liu

Jean Parratt

Berni Schoenberg

Mick Sturgess

Kevin Taitt

Cyril Trust

2009/10 winners

The Mayor of Farnham, Councillor Lucinda Fleming presented medals to:

Mike Barter

Joyce Belcher

Leslie Binfield

Michael Blower

Sue Bowness

Brenda Broomhead

Roger Burge

Chris Elton

Nellie Hawkins

Carol Holman

Mike Holman

Jean Hurst

Brian Kurton

Dr Pat Lambert

Dennis Pratt

Mike Probert

Bryan Sell