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Local Liaison Forum

If you live, work, study or travel around Farnham, get involved in the new Local Liaison Forum to find out more and ask questions about a programme to cut congestion and improve air quality in and around the town.

Get involved in the launch of the Local Liaison Forum

The Farnham Infrastructure Programme launched a Local Liaison Forum on Wednesday 5 August.

The launch was held as a Zoom webinar so as to maximise the number of people who could attend.

The webinar was jointly chaired by local councillors representing Surrey County Council, Waverley Borough Council and Farnham Town Council.

Watch the webinar. View the presentation and see the questions and answers which were raised at the webinar.

What was discussed

The programme’s representatives shared a series of proposed projects which the three councils believe are key to making the transport improvements Farnham needs. These include:

  • Short- and medium-term improvements: this includes considering lowering speed limits in the town centre and rerouting HGVs.
  • Town centre infrastructure: this will include considering pedestrianisation, encouraging walking and cycling, reducing through traffic and supporting better connections between different parts of the town centre.
  • A31 Hickley’s Corner: looking at ways to reduce congestion and queuing, preventing the need for vehicles to divert through the town, greatly improving the connections in Farnham between north and south of the A31 and improving safety for all road users.
  • A325 Wrecclesham Relief Road: investigating solutions to the high traffic levels through Wrecclesham village, including improving road safety and preventing HGVs striking the railway bridge.

There will be a public consultation later this year to shape a vision statement for the programme.

About the Farnham Infrastructure Programme 

The Farnham Infrastructure Programme (FIP) is a collaboration of Surrey County Council with Waverley Borough Council and Farnham Town Council. It aims to deliver a single shared vision for the future infrastructure of Farnham.

The Farnham Infrastructure Programme’s vision is to:

‘Deliver a well-integrated, future focused high-quality infrastructure solution for Farnham that enables a connected and vibrant town, where people choose to live, work, study and spend their leisure time in sustainable ways’.