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Hidden Heritage – Resources

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Learn more about local history in and around Farnham with our resources.

Our new Hidden Heritage leaflet series features in-depth information and images on the local history of Farnham from the Palaeolithic to the modern day.

The leaflets were created with the help of volunteers and compiled by local archaeologist Dr Anne Sassin in the hopes of bringing to light some of the little-known artefacts found in the area over the years. They are broken down into various historical periods and themes (Stone Age, Late Prehistoric, Roman, Saxon, Medieval, Early Modern, Industrial and Wartime) and provide useful historical information and timelines for each era of history, as well as education tips through their links to the Primary History Curriculum.

Each leaflet also showcases Farnham’s distinctive history as a crafting town by focusing on historical industries and crafts for every period, helpfully illustrated by unique drawings created by local artist Victor Ambrus.

Each leaflet is available to download from this page, and they are distributed at various venues throughout town, including the Town Council Offices and Museum of Farnham.


Download our Stone Age leaflet

Download our Late Prehistoric leaflet

Download our Roman leaflet

Download our Saxon leaflet

Download our Medieval leaflet

Download our Early Modern

Download our Industrial Farnham leaflet

Download our Wartime leaflet

In addition to the more detailed leaflets, general multi-period heritage display boards and pop-ups have been created which showcase select sites and artefacts from the Farnham region.

Artefacts and sites which lie beneath our feet.

Prehistoric dwellings, Farnham Castle, Tudor Market and Roman road

Farnham Terraces, Roman Pottery, Medieval and Civil War

Bronze and Iron Age, Waverley Abbey, Six Bells Villa, Victorian Factories

Badshot Lea Long Barrow, Frensham Roman ritual site, Firgrove Saxon huts, Medieval tile kilns, Mother Ludlam’s Hole

Bronze Age Barrows, Dockenfield Roman Tile Kiln, Origins of St Andrews Agriculture and game, Farnham at War

Periods of History

Palaeolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age

Roman, Saxon, Medieval

Tudor, Stuart, Georgian, Victorian, 20th Century 

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