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Referendum result 2020

Group of people holding copies of the Farnham Neighbourhood Plan

Find out the result of the Farnham Neighbourhood Plan referendum.

Referendum result

Thank you to everybody who voted in the Farnham Neighbourhood Plan referendum on 12 March. Of the 7,848 people who voted, 95.5% said they want Waverley Borough Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area.

The Farnham Neighbourhood Plan will now be officially adopted by Waverley Borough Council and will very soon be used to help decide planning applications in the Farnham area.

About Farnham’s reviewed Neighbourhood Plan

Farnham’s updated Neighbourhood Plan sets out the vision for the town centre and surrounding communities up to 2032. The Plan was revised to meet a new housing target and includes some other factual updates and the results of a more comprehensive landscape study.

As well as prioritising previously developed sites for housing, the plan includes policies which aim to protect and enhance biodiversity, neighbourhood centres, public open spaces and sports provision.

The original Neighbourhood Plan was adopted in 2017 after 88% of those who voted chose to support the plan. A majority vote is needed for the amended plan to be adopted. 

Updated Neighbourhood Plan

See the updated version of the Farnham Neighbourhood Plan. 

Adopted Neighbourhood Plan 2020

Farnham Neighbourhood Plan – Updated for March 2020 referendum

Appendix 2 – Updated in 2020

Appendix 3 – Updated in 2020

Appendix 4 – Updated in 2020

Independent examination

The review of the Neighbourhood Plan was completed in 2019 and submitted under the new National Planning Policy Framework. 

The independent examiner determined that the plan required an examination and a referendum. 

He carried out a procedural exploratory hearing and a public hearing. 

In his final report, having considered detailed representations, he concluded that Farnham has a: ‘Review Plan which should help guide the area’s development’ and that will make ‘a positive contribution to informing decision-making on planning applications by Waverley Borough Council’.

History of the Neighbourhood Plan

See the review process that led to the updated Neighbourhood Plan being the subject of a referendum on 12 March.

See why and how the 2017 adopted Neighbourhood Plan was reviewed. 

See the journey that led to the adoption of Farnham’s first Neighbourhood Plan in 2017.

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