Why is the Neighbourhood Plan being reviewed

Shortly after the Farnham Neighbourhood Plan was adopted, we were told by Waverley Borough Council that Farnham needs to accommodate an additional 450 homes before the end of the Waverley Local Plan in 2032.

This prompted our decision to carry out an early review of our Neighbourhood Plan so we could identify and allocate suitable sites and maintain the integrity of the policies within the Farnham Neighbourhood Plan.

The revised Farnham Neighbourhood Plan

You can see a copy of the amended Neighbourhood Plan (Regulation 14) and compare it to the version adopted in July 2017, which is currently used to guide planning decisions in Farnham.

The amended version includes minor revisions to bring the document up to date and harmonise its end date with the Waverley Local Plan (2032). No policies are deleted and no policies added.

Survey seeks views on where an extra 450 homes be built across Farnham

We carried out a review of sites and asked for views on their suitability. See Appendix 2 of the Farnham Housing Land Availability Assessment 2018 for more details about each of the proposed sites and our assessment.

The six-week consultation closed at the end of Sunday 30 September.

Next steps

The survey results and comments will now be analysed and considered by Farnham Town Council to see if any further revision is required prior to formally submitting a ‘Regulation 15’ Neighbourhood Plan to Waverley. This will be followed by an independent examination.

If both Waverley and the independent examiner agree that the changes proposed do not change the nature of the original Neighbourhood Plan, a second referendum will not be required.

Supporting documents and information


Housing Allocation Map

Farnham Housing Land Availability Assessment 2018. This document is a study of the potential of the Neighbourhood Plan area to accommodate additional housing development and includes the following appendices:

  • Appendix 1 – Sites rejected from detailed assessment
  • Appendix 2 – Assessed sites included as Housing Site Options
  • Appendix 3 – Sites not included as housing options following assessment
  • Appendix 4 – Made Neighbourhood Plan Allocations with planning permission

New supporting evidence:

Revised built up area boundary

Reg 14 2018 SA SEA Non Tech Summary Aug 2018 

Reg 14 NP Review SA SEA August 2018 Final

Farnham Landscape Character Assessment

SPAs and SANG Evidence Base

Student Accommodation Evidence

Waverley Borough Council LPP1

Waverley Borough Council LPP2

Meet the Neighbourhood Plan team

Throughout the consultation, the Neighbourhood Plan team was out and about answering your questions. This is where they went:

Thorough examination

The original Neighbourhood Plan underwent a thorough independent examination.

Further information

If you a question about the review of the Neighbourhood Plan, please email your question to neighbourhood.plan@farnham.gov.uk or call us on 01252 712667.

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