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Allotment competition winners 2022

Farnham allotment. Man digging allotment.

See who was awarded a prize for the best allotment plots across Farnham.

Wrecclesham site

1st place       Plot no   11a  Mr Guy and Mrs Hunt

Alderley Farm

1st  place      Plot no  6      Mr Reiter

West Street

1st place      Plot no 14a   Mr D Allen

West Street Extension

1st place      Plot no 23     Mr and Mrs Keiller

Farnborough Road

1st place     Plot no 19    Mr M Nicholls

Shepherd and Flock

1st  place   Plot no 10    Mrs R Paris

Six Bells

1st place   Plot no 12b   Mrs M Nelson

Morley Road

1st place   Plot 6           Mr Massey

Best plot on all Farnham Town Council’s Sites

Plot 17a/b    Six Bells Allotment site   Mr and Mrs R Page

Best Newcomer’s plot on all Farnham Town Council’s sites

Plot 39a on Six Bells Allotment site     Mr and Mrs Carr – Barney


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