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Street Banners

Downing Street and a cross street banner advertising Farnham Farmers' Markets

Banners hung across the road are an excellent way to advertise your event. Find out how to get your banner put up in Farnham.

Banner locations

There is banner space above the road in:

  • Downing Street, and
  • The Borough

How to book banner space

We manage requests and bookings for hanging banners across the road at two sites in Farnham.

To book banner space you will need to complete and return a banner application form. You will also need to provide us with a sketch showing the banner wording and size and your payment. You will need to give at least six weeks’ notice. More information can be found in our banner policy document.

Letting period

Two weeks is usually the maximum amount of time that the banner space will be let to any one organisation.

The letting period runs from Sunday to Sunday.

What we will do

Once we have checked that the banner space is available we will:

  • reserve the banner space for you
  • get the appropriate licence from Surrey County Council which is the highway authority
  • arrange for our contractor to put up and take down your banner(s)

What you need to do

Once we have reserved the banner space, you will need to:

  • supply the banner(s)
  • liaise with our installer to arrange when you will both drop off and collect the banners
  • provide us with a copy of your public liability insurance

Banner specification


Banners must be 4,880mm or 4,570mm x 910mm (16’ x 3’ or 15’ x 3’). The banners can be double-sided.


Eyelets are required on the top and bottom hems. There must be at least 25mm (1”) from the edge of the banner to the centre of the eyelet.

Ideally, eyelets should be no less than 910mm (3′) apart.

Eyelets are not required on the side hems.

Wind slits

Wind slits or mesh is essential. Banners provided without wind slits or mesh will not be put up.


Fees include the cost of renting the space, putting up and taking down the banner and administration.

One banner for one week – £276 inc VAT

One banner for two weeks – £324 inc VAT

Two banners for one week – £492 inc VAT

Two banners for two weeks – £588 inc VAT

If the banner space is not available, we will return your fee.

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