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Hardship fund smashes target

Three men holding banner advertising fundraising appeal

The Farnham Coronavirus Support Fund has smashed its £50,000 fundraising target after receiving a £16,685 share of a government grant which Waverley Borough Council received from Defra. The fund aims to help people who are struggling to afford food and other essential items.

The support fund was launched in April as a collaboration between Farnham Town Council, the Farnham Maltings and 11 community organisations. In a true show of community spirit, the organisations pooled resources to create an initial grant pot of over £22,000 and the Farnham Herald launched a fundraising campaign to increase the fund to £50,000.

Councillor Pat Evans, Mayor of Farnham says: “It has taken just four months for the Coronavirus Support Fund to achieve its £50,000 target thanks to support from many individuals who have given generously. This latest contribution from the government will enable us to help even more people over the coming weeks and months. So far, the Farnham Coronavirus Support Fund has helped more than 50 families or individuals by buying items such as school shoes, mattresses, white goods, helping with fuel debt or making referrals to the food bank.

“There is no doubt that the financial fall out of the pandemic is really having an adverse effect on some people. Many people who are struggling, previously will have been financially independent and may be grappling with the idea of needing to ask for help. My message is simple, if you are finding it difficult to make ends meet because you have been made redundant or you may have lost a contract for work, please do apply for help. These are unprecedented times and the fund is there as a lifeline for those who most need it.”

Applying for assistance is quick and simple. Farnham residents who are facing hardship caused directly by the coronavirus pandemic can apply for up to £300 to help with paying for gas/electric, replacing a household item such as a cooker or fridge or buying essential items for school.

Similarly, it is easy to donate to the fund and will ensure even more people can be helped during these difficult times. See more information about how to apply and how to donate.

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