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Fund ready for more applications

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A fund which was launched in April to help people who have been significantly affected by COVID-19 is expecting a flurry of applications as job losses and changes in personal circumstances start to impact on people’s financial situation.

The Farnham Coronavirus Support Fund was launched in April with an initial sum of £23,000. This money was donated by Farnham Town Council and a number of Farnham-based charities including The Hedgehogs, Lions Club of Farnham, The Dempster Trust, The Farnham Institute Charity, Weyside Rotary, Farnham Rotary, Farnham Parochial Charity, Care Farnham, Frontline Farnham, Farnham Foodbank and Farnham Round Table. Waverley Citizens Advice Bureau provides additional support and input on how the funds are distributed.

Councillor Alan Earwaker, Deputy Mayor of Farnham chairs the Farnham Coronavirus Support Panel and says: “Since the fund was initially established, the grant pot has increased to over £40,000. The fund received a £12,000 boost from public donations, in excess of £2,000 from a silent auction run by Lee Moran and the Farnham Rants team and £4,000 from the Lions Club of Farnham’s fuel debt poverty scheme ‘Project Wenceslas’.

“I am constantly amazed by the wonderful support we see in our Farnham community and how both individuals and organisations do so much to help people who are in need.”

Meg Daniels, representing The Farnham Institute Charity says: “The initiative of Farnham Town Council and the Farnham Maltings in setting up the Farnham Coronavirus Support Fund has been a great example of where charities and organisations that support Farnham residents have joined together to provide financial support to our community. The pandemic affects us all and the fund enables Farnham to help those within our community with the greatest need.”

Applications are invited for up to £300 of support although this figure can be adjusted to take account of individual circumstances. To apply for a grant, all applications need to be supported by a referrer such as a GP, home school worker, social care supporter, Citizens Advice Bureau or a teacher. Applications can be made online or a hard copy can be printed off and sent to the Farnham Coronavirus Support Fund, c/o Farnham Town Council. It is expected that applications will be considered within a week of receipt.

See the Farnham Coronavirus Support Fund page for an application form and the link to the Just Giving page.

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