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Meet the Mayor of Farnham

Male Mayor dressed in Mayoral robes at Mayor Making

Find out about the Mayor of Farnham, Councillor Alan Earwaker and the charities he is supporting.

About the Mayor

Councillor Alan Earwaker moved to Farnham in January 2014 and was elected to Farnham Town Council in May 2019.

He lived in Redhill, Surrey for 31 years prior to moving to Farnham.

Alan Earwaker was elected as Deputy Mayor in 2019 and supported the Mayor of Farnham during the coronavirus pandemic.

Councillor Earwaker says he is ‘not a politician’ but is a ‘community worker’ and is passionate about community engagement.

After taking early retirement in 1994, Alan has dedicated his time to voluntary work in the community for nearly three decades.

He has been a trustee of Hope UK since 1998 and is involved in drugs education.

Alan Earwaker was an advisor for Frontline Farnham Money Advice for five years, including as its manager for two years.

He was influential in raising £54,000 and setting up the Farnham Coronavirus Support Fund and he chairs a regular meeting of local community groups to dispense the funds to those in financial hardship.

Mayor’s charity

The Mayor is supporting Waverley Abbey Trust and Farnham ASSIST.

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