Industrious Farnham

Throughout its history Farnham has never been regarded as an industrial town. However industry in its broadest sense has always been present as this walk around the town centre will reveal.

Evidence for everything from the famous hops the town produced that fetched the highest price at market of any in England to potters from Roman times through to the present day can be found in Farnham and its surrounding villages. On this walk, though, you’ll also find out about whalebone corsets, the greatest wooden roof in England, the winding of countless miles of twine and many buildings which are not really quite what they seem.

Start your exploration at the entrance to the Waggon Yard car park at the foot of Downing Street or pick and choose from the numbered sites on the map during your visit. In this short leaflet we can only scratch the surface but if you’d like to learn more we suggest you visit the Museum of Farnham.


Download Farnham’s industrial heritage guide and trail or pick up a copy from the Farnham Town Council office.