Sunday 28 May 2017

Tree Trail
Walk leader Peter Bridgman
Easy – suitable for all level so fitness. Suitable for wheelchairs.
Start time: 10am
Duration: up to two hours.
Meeting point: Band stand in Gostrey Meadow
Details: This walk will identify and describe some 40 native and exotic trees in and around the central Conservation Area of Farnham starting and finishing in Gostrey Meadow. It is all level walking on pavements but crossing some busy main roads. It will be suitable for all ages and abilities including wheelchair users.

A full description of trees highlighted in the walking festival tour.

Tree trail walking trail festival route map

The walk

Other tree trails of Farnham.

Farnham also has two self-guided tree trails around the centre of the town. A tree trail leaflet can be picked up from the council offices or a local information point and visit the website page for additional information. The second tree trail (Tree trail II) includes Farnham Park.