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Public Art Trail

Sculpture of a man on a horse

Discover sculptures, wood carvings, terracotta designs and ironwork with the Farnham Public Art trail.

This art trail compiled by Farnham Town Council in partnership with Farnham’s Public Art Trust, will lead you on a voyage of discovery as art and craft features on public display create a sense of place and individuality.

Farnham is known as a town of arts and crafts, home to the University for the Creative Arts, the Farnham Maltings arts and community centre, the New Ashgate Gallery and the historic Farnham Pottery. It also has a wide range of public art and craft. Follow the art trail around Farnham and discover sculptures wood carvings, terracotta designs and ironwork.

Pick up a copy from a local information point or the Farnham Town Council offices.

Download your copy of the Farnham Public Art Trail here.

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