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Riverside Public Art Sculpture

Aerial view of people milling amongst an art installation made up of a series of cones.

About A Hand's Turn - the public art installation near Longbridge in central Farnham.

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A Hand’s Turn was created by Natalie Bradwell and Livia Spinolo.

It is a sensory, tactile, and interactive sculptural installation which was inspired by photographs showing barley stored at the Maltings in conical piles and the repetition of the shape on buildings across Farnham. 

The kinetic sculpture requires the movement of hands which symbolises how hands have been used in craft for thousands of years. 

Members of the public contributed to the commission at a series of workshops. People were invited to ‘make their mark’ and hammer textures onto metal sheets which were used to create the installation. These marks symbolise the different crafts which make up Farnham’s heritage

About the project

The project which has involved Farnham Town Council, the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham Maltings and the Farnham Public Art Trust was conceived in 2020. 

A competitive public commission was undertaken, and the work was awarded to the winning artists in 2022. The brief was for something that was ambitious and that created opportunities for people to connect with the environment around the work and potentially with other people. 

See the artists’ presentation explaining the project from concept to completion.

How the project was funded

The sculpture was funded by a Section 106 developer’s contribution from the building of new student accommodation at the University for the Creative Arts’ Farnham Campus. 


The location of the public art installation was chosen because of the links between the University and the Farnham Maltings. The flexibility of the installation allows for the work to be displayed in other parts of the town too. 

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