Planning applications for Farnham

Every year, several hundred planning applications are made for the Farnham area. These could range from a householder wishing to build a small extension to a developer who has a large-scale project in mind.

The responsibility for deciding the outcome of planning applications lies with Waverley Borough Council who is the planning authority.

Consulting on planning applications

Before deciding on whether to grant or refuse permission, Waverley Borough Council has to consult with a number of people/organisations. One of these statutory consultees is Farnham Town Council.

Members of Farnham Town Council’s planning consultative group consider every application that is made within the Farnham area and submit comments to Waverley Borough Council.

How to find out about planning applications

Details about all planning applications can be seen on Waverley Borough Council’s website.

You can also view hard copies of the applications and supporting documents such as plans at the Farnham Town Council offices in South Street.

Commenting on a planning application

If you have concerns about a planning application you can contact your local councillor or you can comment online on Waverley Borough Council’s website.