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Other grants

High Sheriff Youth Awards

Who can apply

Schemes where young people normally aged between 9 and 18 are actively involved in planning and delivery in Surrey.

Grant limit


What can be funded

Projects that help reduce or prevent crime.

How applications are assessed

If your project ticks these boxes there is a good chance it will receive an award, new or existing.

  • shows young people how to prevent or reduce crime
  • makes everyone whatever their age feel safer in your local area
  • gives young people places to go and things to do, wherever you live

To apply

Email Surrey High Sheriff, visit the High Sheriff’s website or Facebook page.

Isabella Schroder Trust

Who can apply

You can apply for the Isabella Schroder Trust if you live in Wrecclesham, your family is in need or if you are involved with an organisation that benefits the village.

What can be funded

Grants are considered for individuals who are in financial hardship. A grant can be used to buy basic items of furniture or carpets, or to pay for a child’s school trip. Local organisations are also eligible and can receive a grant to start up or to expand their activities. To be considered for a grant, individuals/families must already be receiving all available state benefits. Each request from an individual or family normally needs a reference eg from a doctor, a home-school link worker, a social worker, a solicitor, the CAB or a member of the clergy.

To apply

If you are applying for an individual/family please complete the application form.

Other sources of funding

Grants and funding may also be available from:

Lions Club of Farnham

The Hedgehogs

Rotary Club of Farnham 

Rotary Club of Farnham Weyside

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