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Bloomin’ Kids Lego Results

Thank you to the 46 children that entered the Bloomin’ Kids Lego Garden competition last month. There were so many great and imaginative designs.

Judging was difficult with so many entries but our sponsors from Pivot Ltd helped with this huge task.

1st place goes to Annabelle aged 7 – the judges’ loved the overall layout of her garden, the design and style. It has a mixture of garden things and fun things and the scales and colours are brilliant.

2nd place goes to Noah (4) and Joshua (2) – the judges’ thought they had done an amazing job using Duplo blocks rather than Lego and created a large-scale garden and a great rainbow.

3rd place goes to Simon (Year 5) – the judges thought Simon was obviously an experienced Lego artiste! There are some wonderfully fun pieces included, such as the way the telescope and the hosepipe are made!

A special thanks to our sponsors

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