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Reporting graffiti

Man removing graffiti

How to report graffiti and what we do to deal with graffiti.

As one of the country’s best places to live, we are proud of our town and work hard to ensure the area is kept free of graffiti. Once a month we employ a specialist contractor to remove graffiti that has been reported to us.

How to report graffiti

Tell us about graffiti you have seen by filling in our report graffiti form. You can also call 01252 712667.

We will need to know:

  • the location of the graffiti
  • a description
  • the surface it is on for example brick, a fence.
  • your name and contact details

Removing graffiti

Private businesses are responsible for cleaning off graffiti on their properties. We may be able to help with removal for a small charge.

We work with Waverley Borough Council and Surrey County Council to ensure graffiti removal is coordinated.

Before graffiti is removed we take photos of it. This helps the police to identify and deal with culprits.

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