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CCTV camera on decorative bracket. Blue sky and white clouds. © Farnham Town Council

How we help to keep visitors and property safe in Farnham town centre.  

Town centre CCTV

Farnham town centre has a number of CCTV cameras funded by Farnham Town Council.

Live footage from the cameras can normally be monitored by Surrey Police staff from their control room in Guildford. The cameras help to provide reassurance to visitors and have resulted in the detection and prevention of crime.

Whilst there is no guarantee that the cameras will be focussed on specific incidents, queries from an insurance company following an accident should be addressed to Surrey Police on 01483 630615. For queries following an accident where the police were called call 01483 571212.

Footage is normally kept for 30 days.  Farnham Town Council is considering a replacement system for the town in 2020.

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