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Draft Neighbourhood Plan 2014 (Regulation 14)

New houses, construction site

See the previous version of Farnham's draft neighbourhood plan dated October 2014. You will also find supporting evidence and useful links to the previous versions of all documents.

Farnham’s draft neighbourhood plan

Residents, businesses and visitors to the town have told us how they would like to see Farnham develop in the future. This information helped us to put together a draft neighbourhood plan draft neighbourhood plan, which we consulted on between 31 October and 15 December. We also produced a summary of Farnham’s draft neighbourhood plan.

Three appendices support the draft plan, these are:

Appendix 1 – Housing Site Options Maps

Appendix 2 – Employment Site Maps

Appendix 3 – Local Centre Maps

Responses to the Regulation 14 consultation

Representations to the consultation that took place between 31 October and 15 December are currently being collated and analysed. Detailed responses to each individual representation will be published in early spring.

In the meantime, a summary of the response data is available to view. The verbatim “free comments” from respondents are also available, please note that at this time names of respondents have been redacted.

Supporting documents and information

Documents and website links that are referred to in Farnham’s draft neighbourhood plan:

Neighbourhood plan – summary documents

  1. Summary of Farnham’s draft neighbourhood plan
  2. Draft neighbourhood plan postcard
  3. Summary of maps from draft plan

Landscape and Environment

  1. Green Belt Boundary Review
  2. Farnham Built Up Area Boundary Review
  3. Farnham Open Space Evidence Base
  4. Farnham Design Statement

Town Centre and Local Centres

  1. Farnham Town Centre Study
  2. Farnham Local Centres Study
  3. Farnham Tourist Accommodation Study


  1. Farnham Housing Land Availability Assessment (Main Document)
  2. Housing Site Options Maps
  3. FHLAA Appendix 1 – Sites excluded from appraisal
  4. FHLAA Appendix 2 – Sites included as housing options
  5. FHLAA Appendix 3 – Site not included as housing options


  1. Farnham Employment Land Review
  2. Employment Land Review Appendix 1 – Employment Land Review Assessments
  3. Employment Land Review Appendix 2 – Agent interviews summary
  4. Employment Land Review Maps

 Sustainability Appraisal and Scoping Report

  1. Farnham Neighbourhood Plan Sustainability Appraisal
  2. Farnham Neighbourhood Plan Scoping Report

Links to other studies and evidence

Farnham Conservation Area Appraisal

Waverley Borough Council Landscape Study – Part 1: Farnham and Cranleigh, 2014

Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Management Plan

The 2014 Green Belt Review

Waverley Borough Council’s emerging local plan

Employment Land Review Update (2014) 

Buildings of Local Merit

Waverley Borough Council Town Centres Retail Study Update, 2013

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