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Meet the Producers

Roses in plant pots on a market stall. Stallholders in background.

Find out more about regular stallholders from the Farnham Farmers' Market.

Meet regular stallholders from the Farnham Farmers’ Market.

Ringden Farm

Twenty-five years ago, a fruit farm in East Sussex was battered by a violent hailstorm. Farmers Chris and Lesley Dench were left with hardly any saleable fruit so in an attempt to make the best of a bad situation, they decided to ask a local vineyard to make a batch of apple juice from the fruit they had managed to salvage.

The juice sold better than expected and so this marked the beginning for Ringden Farm apple juice.

Ringden Farm now sells over 20 award-winning single variety apple juices. They also offer several different apple juice blends such as thirst-quenching apple and rhubarb or the refreshing sweet and sour apple and plum.

Ringden Farm juice is 100 per cent natural: it has no added sugar, water, colourings or preservatives. Traditional pressing methods and slow pasteurisation preserve the flavour of the apples.

For a drink that tastes good all year round, visit Ringden Farm at the Farnham Farmers’ Market.

Anila’s Authentic Sauces Ltd

Anila’s Authentic Sauces attend Farnham farmers’ Market every month. They sell eight varieties of curry sauces, 16 varieties of chutneys, pickles, dips and snacks such as samosas, lentil slice and Bombay mix.

Their award-winning products are made in small batches using only the finest ingredients and traditional family recipes giving home-made flavours and tastes as ‘Mum makes’.

The products are free from sugar, dairy, gluten, onion, garlic and preservatives, they are also ideal for those with food intolerances to create authentic curries simply and easily.

Anila’s Authentic Sauces also attend other markets in Guildford, Walton, Cobham, Surbiton, Wallington, Reading and Newbury.

See Anila’s website for recipes and inspiration.

Collaroy Farm Eggs

Collaroy Farm sell extremely fresh, free range eggs.

They attend every Farnham Farmers’ Market and can also be visited at the markets in Guildford, Milford (Secretts), Horsham, Epsom and Wallington.

Hunts Hill Farm

After 20 years of Farmers’ Market trading at Farnham we are very sad to say goodbye to Georgina and John and wish them a very happy and healthy future.

Hunts Hill will be replaced with the Hampshire Shepherd and Brightleigh Farm who will be joining the Farmers’ Market on 26th November

Mrs B’s Bees

Mrs B’s Bees is a small family business. They currently run 200 hives throughout Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex. Only honey which is surplus to the bees’ requirements is harvested. All honey is harvested individually from each apiary and labelled with the location enabling customers to buy a honey that really is local to them.

Sites are chosen based on their unique benefit for the bees. Each have something special for them to work. Each season they also take around 35 – 40 hives to the New Forest where they harvest a crop of heather honey for which they have won National Honey Show awards.

All the wax products are made from their own beeswax and are made by themselves on a small scale, each with an individual natural aroma of honey.

Mrs B’s Bees  has a variety of honey, beeswax candles, furniture polish, beeswax wraps and beeswax sandwich satchels available to purchase at the market or online.

Mud Foods

Mud Foods sell gourmet pies, pasties, sausage rolls and squiches (that’s square quiches!). They pride themselves on sourcing outstanding quality ingredients from the Sussex Downs and describe their secret recipe for shortcrust pasty as ‘legendary’.

Mud Foods attend the Farnham Farmers’ Market every month. They also attend Guildford, Milford, Chichester, Petworth, Alton, Fleet, Winchester, Romsey, Emsworth, Ringwood, Shoreham, Southsea, Petersfield, Andover, Fareham and Kew.

Visit Mud Foods’ website for more information.

Nut Knowle Farm

Nut Knowle Farm sell goats cheese at Farnham Farmers’ Market and attend every month. Their cheeses are hand-made speciality ‘Artisan Cheeses’ from a small Sussex Dairy. Shoppers may taste each variety at the market.

Nut Knowle Farm also attends other markets in London, Surrey and Sussex.

See their recipe of the month.

Simon’s Pies and Catering

Simon’s Pies and Catering sell pies, pork pies, scotch eggs and quiches. The pies are all hand-made at home using locally sourced meat, which Simon believes makes the pies unique to the markets he attends.

Simon attends the Farnham Farmers’ Market every month. He also attends farmers’ markets at Walton-upon-Thames, Halsemere, Salisbury Farmers’ and Artisans’ market, Chippenham Farmers’ Market, Canterbury, Grayshott, Milford and Cobham.

Find out more about Simon’s Pies and Catering.

V J Game and Sussex Smokers

V J Game and Sussex Smokers sell smoked meats, fish, poultry, varieties of wild boar or venison sausages.

The produce is traditionally smoked over oak wood. The game sausages are handmade using fine local ingredients and local wild boar and venison.

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