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Farnham Park, Old Park and Claypit Wood

A lovely scenic walk in Farnham Park and the Old Park lanes of Farnham.


3 miles circular

How long to allow

Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes

Suitable for dogs


Suitable for children


Starting point

Farnham Park/Golf Club car park GU9 0AU, Grid ref: Explorer 145 SU 838 475

Safety points

No stiles, good views, can be muddy in winter. Easy walking but with moderate ascents and descents. 

Please follow the Countryside Code to get the most out of your walk.

Description of walk contributed by Sarah Burt

  1. From the car park take the tarmac path that runs parallel to the golf course/café on your left; when it meets another tarmac path, turn left through the gate onto that path then almost immediately left onto a mud track alongside the edge of the golf course.
  2. Follow this path downhill across a small plank bridge and up to a large grassy area. Continue straight with the golf course on your left until you come out onto a tarmac road with a small car park further away on your left. Go straight across the road and continue straight, underneath power lines then downhill across another plank bridge and uphill to the cross bench which is the highest point in the park.  Turn around and admire the view.
  3. Turn back (north) and take the park exit ahead of you: a narrow path with a wooden fence on the left side. This takes you out of the park onto Folly Hill – turn left onto Hampton Road and follow this to the junction with Drovers Way. Turn left into Drovers Way and cross Folly Hill (A287) at the new roundabout and turn left into Upper Old Park Lane. Follow Upper Old Park Lane until it bends round to the right – turn left here and follow the wide track downhill until it meets Middle Old Park.
  4. Go right following St Swithun’s Way (a long-distance footpath from Farnham to Winchester – see the green waymark on the LH fencepost), a wide track going downhill then back uphill to a footpath sign on the left, just before the house on the right (Middle Old Park). Take the footpath through 2 kissing gates and across the field – the path is clearly defined – to the gate on the other side.
  5. Go through the gate and (follow the footpath sign) turn left along the top of the field and go through the kissing gate at the end into Claypit Wood. Follow the path down through the wood and up the other side, through the wooden gate at the top and across the grass to another kissing gate.  Follow the path down with fields on your left until you come out with views of the back of the UCA and the new development of Abbey View.
  6. Turn left along the wide track with the fields on your right. Continue though the gateway, past the chopped tree trunks on the grass until you meet the tarmac road (Grange Cottage is opposite). Turn right onto Old Park Lane and follow it to the junction with Castle Hill. Cross the road – taking care – and up the steps on the other side. Go left at the top and follow the path turning right before the Cricket Club, you will see the car park ahead of you and back to the start of the walk.
  7. You can extend the walk by taking a longer route though the park, finishing at the crossbench in the NE corner.


There are many variables including, but not limited to, weather, fitness level, terrain features and outdoor experience that must be considered prior to walking any of these routes. Be prepared for your journey and be sure to check the current weather and conditions before heading outdoors. Always exercise common sense and caution. Farnham Town Council  are not responsible for the safety or well-being of any one who chooses to follow these routes.

These walks have been provided by keen local walkers and walking groups. While every effort is taken to ensure that the routes shared are correct, we can in no way guarantee the routes to be 100% free of errors.

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