Founded in 2008, Farnham Local Food is a community-run local agriculture project supported almost entirely by volunteer labour.  The group currently have land at Runfold and Dippenhall and their aim is to provide fresh, locally grown vegetables for people in and around the Farnham, Surrey area.

The project was started because it was felt that there was a need and a niche for the kind of lifestyle that maintained a healthier attitude towards fresh produce and the production behind it.

Become a member of Farnham local food and/or buy your vegetables locally.


Why become a member?

Members join for many different reasons. ◾Share in the harvest. ◾Get involved with the weekly growing tasks. ◾Learn about growing vegetables. ◾Teach your children about how food gets to the table. ◾Assist in the administration. ◾Make new friends. ◾Come to social events. ◾Get fit. ◾Learn new skills. ◾Support us. ◾Spend more time in the open air. ◾Some or all of the above!

It’s up to you how much or how little you want to get involved.

Membership contributions are just £2 per month or £24 per year per household and concessions are available for low income households. This contribution to assist with the running of the sites but please understand that no-one will be turned away on their ability to pay.

Joining entitles you to: ◾Work on the sites and help with the growing and harvesting of produce. ◾Buy a share of the harvest. ◾Come to our social events. ◾Receive email updates ◾Have a say in what is grown.


Visit the Farnham local food website for more information on obtaining a share of the harvest and getting involved.