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Hidden Heritage – Illustrations

Watercolour of a merchant

Have a look at the gallery of illustrations from this former resident.

We are fortunate in Farnham to have as resident former Time Team artist Victor Ambrus, who has put countless hours into creating colourful illustrations of some of the people and events who played a role in shaping Farnham’s history.

These images are available to download and use for educational purposes, though they are copyrighted to Farnham Town Council and should not be reproduced without permission.

Woodcutter © Victor Ambrus
Weaving © Victor Ambrus
Second World War Crosby doors © Victor Ambrus
Saxon weaving © Victor Ambrus
Roman potter © Victor Ambrus
Ploughing © Victor Ambrus
Parliament roof © Victor Ambrus
Mother Ludlam © Victor Ambrus
Merchant © Victor Ambrus
Knights car © Victor Ambrus
Flintknapper © Victor Ambrus
Civil war © Victor Ambrus
Bronze castings © Victor Ambrus
Borelli Tile Kiln © Victor Ambrus
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