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The organisation

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Our mission is "the promotion of Farnham and its surroundings as a lively and welcoming place for everyone."

The forum is a network of tourist attractions, businesses, organisations and individuals with a common goal: to make more people aware of what a wonderful place Farnham is to visit, be it for the rich heritage to appreciate, a shopping trip, a day out, a longer holiday or perhaps for a business conference or meeting.

The forum meets regularly to discuss and put into action ideas proposed by members or anyone else who has the town’s best interests at heart. It achieves this through the working group which concentrates on specific projects and events to improve the experience for all visitors.

The history of the Farnham Visitors’ Forum

The Farnham Visitors’ Forum evolved from the earlier Farnham Visitors’ Council which was set up as a group of organisations that had an interest in tourism in Farnham. Original members included Local Authorities, businesses and individuals.

The initial objective of the group was to identify what the needs of visitors to the town were and how well they were being met.

In about 2002 the Visitors’ Council, in consultation with the Town Coucil, reformed as the Farnham Visitors’ Forum. Now with a formal constitution, which allowed it to apply for grants, in support of projects benefiting visitors, jointly with the Town Council.

Farnham Visitor Forum meetings

The FVF meet about four times a year at various venues, with the agenda being decided by a small working group.

Work areas developed by the group include:-

  • initiating Farnham’s entry into Farnham in Bloom. This work has since been absorbed by the Town Council.
  • purchasing the domain name for Farnham and providing this to Farnham Town Council.
  • identifing the need the train and provide town guides for walking tours. FVC organised a town guide team and monthly guided walks are now available through a network of volunteers.

If you would like more information on membership of the forum please visit the members page.

Farnham Visitors’ Forum and Farnham Town Council

The forum and the Town Council work closely together, even with different key audiences, non voting visitors and voting residents. Providing a free platform for discussion and networking; to enhance the visitor offer and experience in Farnham and support local businesses.

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