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Annual Town Meeting 2021

Farnham Town Council’s Annual Town Meeting is on Thursday 18 March at 6.30pm but this year it is being held virtually. 

Electors will hear about the council’s plans and aspirations for 2021/22 and what has been achieved in the past year. 

All 18 town councillors are expected to attend, and the Mayor will give a special address. There will be presentations from lead councillors about:

  • Tourism and Events
  • Finance
  • Community Enhancement
  • Cemeteries

The last item on the agenda is public questions. People who are registered to vote in the Farnham Town Council area will be given the opportunity to make comments or ask the councillors questions about any aspect of the council’s business or services. 

Questions can be about topics such as the setting of this year’s council tax, the Farnham Infrastructure Project, climate change, the town’s cemeteries, the events programme, allotments and looking after the area’s open spaces. 

If the question is about something that is outside Farnham Town Council’s responsibility, the matter will be followed up with the relevant body after the meeting.  

There is a lot happening in Farnham and your local councillors want to hear from you. 

Register to attend or email

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