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New notable name revealed on commemorative wall

Group of people standing in front of a wall displaying plaques.

Kitty Milroy is the latest name to be unveiled on a wall that commemorates Notable Names of Farnham.

Eleanor Catherine Wallace Milroy, who was fondly known as Kitty, was born in 1885 and lived in the Farnham area. Kitty was a regular visitor to St Mark’s Church in Hale. 

Her amazing artistic contribution to Farnham is what earned her a place on the notable names wall. Kitty enrolled in the Slade School of Art in 1906. The school had recently opened its doors to female students and was a renowned centre in mural art. Kitty created the murals in St Mark’s Church between 1911 and 1920. 

The murals are a great example of the Arts and Crafts movement depicting the Annunciation, the Benedictine and the Gospels, and featured local scenes.

Councillor Alan Earwaker, Mayor of Farnham unveiled the plaque and said: “Kitty Milroy’s murals are works of art which are thought to be of national significance due to their quality and their place within the development of women’s art. 

“Some of the murals were restored in the 1940s but sadly, damage was later caused by flooding. Their recent restoration came about thanks to Nick Seversway and Reverend Lesley Crawley. Nick is a picture restorer and was well aware of how significant the murals were and of the urgent need to restore and preserve them. With support from many community organisations and groups a great deal of fundraising took place which has enabled the murals to be restored by experts Stephen Rickerby and Lisa Shekede for which we are grateful.”

Details about when you can visit the church to view the murals can be found at The Notable Names wall in South Street now features 30 plaques commemorating the achievements of artists, sportspeople, architects, authors and musicians. 

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