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Farnham Mayor welcomes continuing friendship with twin town amid turbulent times

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A friendship lasting 30 years between the people of two towns has been reaffirmed after the Mayor of Farnham and his counterpart from the town of Andernach in Germany renewed their Deed of Friendship. The renewal took place during a visit from the Burgermeister of Andernach and other local representatives to Farnham in June to mark the friendship’s 30th anniversary.

Welcoming the delegation from Andernach, including the town’s Burgermeister Claus Peitz, the Mayor of Farnham Councillor Alan Earwaker, emphasised the value of twinned communities in modern times: “Recent world events have underlined the importance of maintaining friendships, so we can learn from each other and work together on common issues such as the recent refugee crisis and tackling climate change.”

Farnham and Andernach, which is in the Rhine Valley in the west of Germany, have been twinned since 1992. Since then, there have been numerous visits between residents of the two towns, including links between schools and community organisations such as football clubs and choirs.

Andernach’s Burgermeister Claus Peitz reflected on the importance of friendship in changing times as he accepted a small gift from the Mayor: “Friendship is important. Let’s continue to hold onto this friendship, grow it and expand it. In light of recent developments, the bond of friendship has become more important than ever. I am particularly pleased to see new faces who have joined us.”

In the Deed of Friendship, the two towns pledge to promote the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of their communities. To achieve this the two councils encourage exchange visits between individuals and groups to foster positive relations and understanding.

Andernach, which is located part way between Frankfurt and Bonn, is one of Germany’s oldest towns, having been established by the Romans in 12 BC. Like Farnham, it has a rich culture and heritage; it was known for its production of bricks and clay and still has the ruins of a castle which continue to attract tourists.

The Farnham Andernach Friendship Association continues to assist individuals, family groups and organisations of all sizes and interests in twinning activities, including visits and establishing correspondence. To find out more, visit Farnham Town Council’s web page on twinning.

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