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Extreme Mountain Bike Show entertains and inspires crowds

Crowd of people sitting on grass watching a stunt bike rider

Tricks and stunts impressed crowds gathered at Gostrey Meadow (on 18 August) as the Extreme Mountain Bike show took Farnham by storm.

The team from Extreme Mountain Bike Show, which tours the UK’s towns and cities, performed breathtaking stunts in demos throughout the afternoon while a live DJ set from Kane FM and food and drink from the Funky Pickle and Coffee Can added to the holiday atmosphere. 

The Extreme Mountain Bike Show features British and European Champion mountain biker Danny Butler and his acclaimed team of stunt performers.

Farnham Town Council put on the show for free to entertain local families and young people. They also arranged for a free shuttle bus to transport people to and from the event.

“In a summer where many family holidays have been scaled down or cancelled, we wanted to offer something a bit different for young people to come and watch locally and for free,” says Councillor Kika Mirylees, Lead Member for Farnham Town Council’s Young People Task Group. “The Extreme Mountain Bike Show certainly fit that bill and after seeing British athletes win medals in sports like mountain biking, BMX events and skateboarding, we hope local youngsters are inspired to get riding and skating in our parks – though maybe not attempt the amazing stunts they witnessed, just yet!”

The show team performed stunts such as jumping on and off platforms and vehicles, stunning balancing tricks and jumping with a single wheel from narrow beams – landing with pinpoint precision every time.

With the show proving to be so popular, Farnham Town Council plans to hold more events aimed specifically at young people.

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