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Tree planting programme begins in Farnham

Newly planted trees line a footpath through a green space

Stunning new feature trees are appearing in a number of green spaces owned or managed by Farnham Town Council. 

So far this year, a small avenue of flowering cherry trees has been planted at the Evelyn Borelli Garden of Rest in Falkner Road. A memorial bench by Carl Irvine in tribute to Michael Prinsep, founder of Creative Response, will also be relocated to the Evelyn Borelli Garden. Other improvements include the laying of an area of wildflower turf.

Elsewhere, five multi-stem silver birch trees now serve as an attractive focal point along the footpath between the Farnham Maltings and the former police houses and, a vibrant maple will be planted in Batting’s Garden. 

Iain Lynch, Town Clerk at Farnham Town Council says: “Farnham Town Council has introduced an annual tree-planting programme to improve the gardens and open spaces we look after. The aim is to increase the number of specimen trees in and around Farnham to delight residents and visitors. We have chosen trees which are noteworthy for their size, flower, bark or relevance to the area.

“As well as contributing to the natural beauty of the open space, the trees will also help us as we work towards becoming carbon neutral by 2030.”

Community groups are invited to sponsor a feature tree which will be planted this autumn as part of National Tree Week. Each tree will have a plaque acknowledging the donor. If you would like to support this initiative and leave a lasting legacy, contact Stacey Wills at

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