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Bloomin’ Farnham invited to compete at national level

Close up of yellow flowers in street. Red car in background

Farnham Town Council has been nominated to take part in this year’s RHS Community Awards and is the only town in Surrey to have been invited to participate. 

The new virtual awards replace the 2021 RHS Britain in Bloom UK Finals competition and aim to shine a light on the wonderful work that has been happening in communities during the pandemic. 

Farnham in Bloom can enter up to three out of five categories which include:

  • Nourishing Your Community – Growing, sharing or enjoying food with others 
  • Nature-Friendly Gardening – Creating habitats and using wildlife-friendly gardening practices 
  • Green Solutions – Tackling environmental challenges such as climate change, air pollution and flooding 
  • Cultivating Your Community – Bringing people together by involving a wide cross-section of the community 
  • Planting with Purpose – Addressing specific challenges such as transforming a neglected area or reducing antisocial behaviour. 

Iain Lynch, Town Clerk at Farnham Town Council says: “As just one of 63 groups invited to take part in the Community Awards nationally, this is a great honour for Farnham in Bloom. 

“Throughout the pandemic, we have seen and heard about many ingenious and creative projects locally which have served to connect and strengthen communities. Now is the time for these initiatives to receive the recognition they deserve. We want to share with the judges as many examples of community projects as possible so if you have something that fits the criteria, please do email to tell us all about it.”

Farnham Town Council will submit a portfolio of digital evidence for the horticultural, wildlife and environmental experts to consider. 

The results of the awards will be announced at the end of September. 

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