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Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s Association presents gift of masks

Female holding flowers and presenting a gift bag to the Mayor.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s Association presented the Mayor of Farnham, Councillor Pat Evans with a contribution of 200 handmade face masks on Tuesday (9 March) to help keep down the transmission of the virus in Farnham.

Ismat Sana, the president of the association presented the gift on behalf of its members of women in and around Farnham.

Thanking the women of the association, the Mayor says: “The timing of this gift is wonderful as we have all just celebrated International Women’s Day and also Commonwealth Day – both on 8 March. This year’s Commonwealth Day theme of Delivering a Common Future – Connecting, Innovating, Transforming is shared with International Women’s Day’s theme of Women in Leadership: achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world. Thank you for your generosity.”

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Women’s Association has 10,000 members across the UK and works on the principles of women leading women and working together to empower each other. With a branch active in the Farnham community, the association carries out health, education, welfare and outreach work as well as industry and handcraft projects across the country.

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