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Go on a monster safari in Farnham

Farnham Town Council has organised a new and exciting activity for intrepid explorers this October. MonsterVillains is a free and creepy family trail of monsters which aims to give families a socially distanced, contactless and fun activity.

The trail, which launches in Farnham on 5 October and throughout the month in selected towns across the UK, takes on average about 45 minutes to complete and is completely free for families and groups to take part. At around 1.5 miles or 3,500 steps it should keep families fit, active and socially distanced too. The monster safari works by utilising contactless QR codes, without the need for families to download or sign up to anything.

Councillor Alan Earwaker, Lead Member for Tourism and Events says: “Ten vinyl window monsters, all specially created for this project have been placed around Farnham for families to hunt down. When you find a character, simply scan its unique QR code and the monster will come to life in an animation on your smartphone.”

Younger children are sure to be excited about spotting the colourful characters in shop windows and older kids, and grown-up ones, will enjoy hearing the stories. After finding all 10 MonsterVillains, families will be rewarded with a free eBook written specially for the trail.

Farnham Town Council is working with Martin Blackwell, former CEO of ATCM and the Charity Retail Association, who is coordinating the project nationally, said, “I loved the idea of a “safari on the high street”!  We had such wonderful feedback from families over the summer we just had to create a new story. If something fun like this can help make families and kids feel good about going back out onto the high street in a safe way then we’ve done our job.”

To find out more about the runaway MonsterVillains, visit the website:

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