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Take part in a new forum

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People who live, work, study or travel around Farnham will have their first chance next week to ask questions on a programme to cut congestion and improve air quality in and around the town.

The Farnham Infrastructure Programme’s Local Liaison Forum is holding a Zoom webinar on Wednesday 5 August at 6pm. People who are interested in the programme can watch and submit questions. The webinar will be jointly chaired by local councillors representing Surrey County Council, Waverley Borough Council and Farnham Town Council.

The programme is made up of four proposed projects which together would improve how people live and travel in and around Farnham. They will look at the town centre, Hickley’s Corner and Wrecclesham village.

There will be a public consultation later this year to shape a vision statement for the programme.

Tim Oliver, Leader of Surrey County Council and Chairman of the Farnham Board, said: “This programme will only be a success if we’re tackling the right issues and coming up with the right solutions. That is why we’re starting to talk to the Farnham community now before a wider consultation later this year – we really want to hear your views.”

John Ward, Leader of Waverley Borough Council, said: “The Farnham Infrastructure Programme is the key for ensuring we have a healthy local economy and a thriving town centre. To achieve this, we need a shared vision so please do attend the webinar and have your say on how we can create a town that is fit for the future.”

John Neale, Leader of Farnham Town Council, said: “This meeting marks the beginning of a new chapter for Farnham. The forum is an opportunity for residents to tell us from the comfort of their homes what they think we should be doing to revitalise and connect the town centre and surrounding communities.”

Jeremy Hunt MP said: “This is real progress and a big step forward in this ambitious project for Farnham to make the improvements so many of us have been crying out for. I encourage as many people as possible who live locally to get involved – this is your chance to have your say.”

To take part in the forum’s webinar, register your details at the Local Liaison Forum web page.

The programme’s four proposed projects

The programme contains a series of proposed projects which the councils believe are key to making the transport improvements Farnham needs:

  • Short- and medium-term improvements: this includes considering lowering speed limits in the town centre and rerouting HGVs.
  • Town centre infrastructure: this will include considering pedestrianisation, encouraging walking and cycling, reducing through traffic and supporting better connections between different parts of the town centre.
  • A31 Hickley’s Corner: looking at ways to reduce congestion and queuing, preventing the need for vehicles to divert through the town, greatly improving the connections in Farnham between north and south of the A31 and improving safety for all road users.
  • A325 Wrecclesham Relief Road: investigating solutions to the high traffic levels through Wrecclesham village, including improving road safety and preventing HGVs striking the railway bridge.

The Local Liaison Forum meeting via Zoom

Due to social distancing restrictions, the Local Liaison Forum is being held as a Zoom webinar which can be accessed online or by phone. It will be run in a way that allows the chairs to answer as many questions from the public as possible.

  • You will only be able to see the joint chairs, the presenters and any documents that they share. As is normal in this type of webinar, members of the public will be muted, and their cameras will be off. Your name will not be visible to other members of the public unless you ask a question.
  • Questions can only be submitted through the question and answer (Q&A) box, which can be found in the toolbar at the bottom of the Zoom screen. Questions may be answered in writing through that box or verbally on the call. If you are asked to read out your question, your name will be made public.
  • It may not be possible to answer all questions, but if this is the case, they will all be noted and will inform a set of frequently asked questions.
  • The webinar will be recorded and will be available to view afterwards.
  • This is the first opportunity for people to be informed about the detail of the programme. There will be further consultations later this year, with members of the public taking part more directly in the discussions. There will also be opportunities for people who are not online to participate.
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