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A helping hand

Aerial photo of four people in front of vehicles and a marquee.

Farnham Town Council recently rallied its outside workforce team to provide Farnham Hospital with the expertise and equipment they needed to build a new, temporary assessment centre.

Iain Lynch, Clerk at Farnham Town Council says: “We received a call from Peter Glover at Farnham’s Integrated Care Services. He told us what they were thinking of doing and asked if we could help.

“We met him on site and discussed what we could do to fulfil their requirements. Once we had agreed a plan, we mustered our team and set about assembling our marquees and putting up barriers to help guide people through the station. We also enlisted additional support and extra marquees from the Farnham Hedgehogs and called upon Light Angels, our Christmas lighting contractor, to install lighting and power for the assessment centre.”

Councillor John Neale, Leader of Farnham Town Council says: “Responding to this call for help from our health care partners is another great example of how Farnham has come together during this time of need. It took just four hours for our team to build a fully functioning assessment centre which will help remove pressure from local GP services by separating those referred with potential symptoms of COVID-19 from other patients.”

Farnham Town Council has also provided a supply of water and washing facilities and thanks to a range of community organisations, a rota of volunteers has been put in place to help with marshalling vehicles at the assessment centre.

A video showing the building of the centre and how the community is responding to calls for help and support can be viewed on Farnham Town Council’s website.

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