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Town Council takes on parks

Electric vehicles parked either side of a bandstand

New planting and improvements to paths are just some of the changes coming to local public parks as Farnham Town Council announces that it has taken over the management responsibilities for five new sites.

The Town Council will manage the maintenance of Gostrey Meadow, Battings Garden, Riverside Home Park, the Haren Garden and the Evelyn Borelli Garden which were all previously looked after by contractors working for Waverley Borough Council.

“Having had the opportunity to take a fresh look at the gardens and how they were looked after we already have plans for improvements. At the Evelyn Borelli Garden for example, our outside workforce team is putting in a brand new planting scheme including some great shrubs and plenty of colour. We are also reviewing environmental and horticultural practices to make sure our gardens are benefiting from the latest know-how and expertise,” says Iain Lynch, the Town Clerk at Farnham Town Council.

“The benefit of taking on these extra sites at the same time means that from the outset we can improve standards across the board, having a great impact on the overall quality of our green spaces,” says Iain Lynch.

As well as putting best horticultural practice in place, the council will be overseeing improvements to the gardens’ infrastructure such as paths and entrances. Much of the work will take place over the winter months for minimal impact on visitors and maximum improvement in time for spring.

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