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Climate emergency declared

Work van decorated in flowery vinyl.

Farnham Town Councillors have shown their commitment to reducing carbon emissions at a local level by declaring a climate emergency and pledging their aim to become a carbon neutral council by 2030. 

At a meeting of the Full Council on 19 September, councillors heard how the Town Council has already implemented a number of changes including a reduction in the use of single use plastic. Further measures to be considered include switching to renewable energy tariffs, replacing the remaining council owned vehicles with electric or other appropriate vehicles and ensuring that Council decisions consider the impact of climate change. 

Councillor John Neale, Leader of Farnham Town Council says: “While climate change is a global issue, there are actions we can take at a local level to limit further warming of the earth. 

“By making changes to activities within our responsibility and working in partnership with other authorities, we can make a difference. However, to maximise what we can do, we call upon the UK government and local climate change partnerships to provide the necessary powers, funding and other resources.” 

In the meantime, Farnham Town Council will continue to review its operations and how it delivers services and will draw up an action plan for councillors to consider. Farnham Town Council will also work with and encourage the local community to take all practical steps to reduce their own carbon footprint and to safeguard the environment. 

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