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Mayor visits twin town

Mayor signs a book in a formal meeting room watched by a group of observers

Friendship ties with Andernach in Germany have been reaffirmed by the Mayor of Farnham during a recent visit to Farnham’s twin town. 

The visit by the Mayor of Farnham Councillor Pat Evans and her consort David Evans coincided with the official celebration of the 40thanniversary between Andernach and Ekeren in Belgium.

During her visit, the Mayor experienced Andernach’s version of the Farnham Flash Festival. For one night, Andernach transforms into a cultural hot spot with 24 town centre venues hosting a variety of live performances. 

The Mayor also visited Cologne Cathedral with representatives of both town twinning associations, and a local Andernach community development which is a project where residents support each other to build new homes. 

Speaking about her visit, Councillor Pat Evans said: “Andernach is a beautiful town in the Rhine Valley and is a similar size to Farnham. We’ve been twinned since 1992 and I think that perhaps now more than ever, it is even more important for us to maintain and strengthen our friendship links. I was made to feel very welcome and I would urge anybody who is interested in finding out more about this part of Europe to become a member of the Farnham Andernach Friendship Association.” 

The Farnham Andernach Friendship Association fosters ties between Farnham and Andernach and aims to promote international understanding. There are opportunities for clubs, societies, businesses, families and individuals to build contacts and make exchange visits with the people of Andernach. Each year Farnham Town Council continues to host a visit from Andernach’s secondary school. 

Through Andernach, Farnham also enjoys informal links with other communities in Europe and beyond including: St Amand-les-Eaux in France, Ekeren in Belgium, Stockerau in Austria, Zella Mehlis in Germany and Dimona in Israel.

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