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Councillors take up new positions

Mayor and group of people standing outside Town Council office.

Farnham Town Council has met to agree the appointment of councillors to key positions following the recent local election. 

At the Annual Town Council meeting in May, Mayor of Farnham Councillor David Attfield and Deputy Mayor of Farnham Councillor Paula Dunsmore had their roles extended to June and Councillor John Neale was appointed Leader of the Council. A second Town Council meeting was held later in the month to elect the members of the council’s working groups and to appoint representatives to outside bodies. 

Appointments to the main working groups include Councillor Sally Dickson as lead member for Community Enhancement. This group works with council officers on the improvement and development of allotments, gardens, open spaces, street furniture and other public spaces. Councillor Alan Earwaker is the lead member for Tourism and Events which has responsibility for overseeing the operation and function of the Town Council’s events service, Councillor Brian Edmonds has been elected as the lead member for the Planning and Licensing Consultative Working Group and Councillor Carole Cockburn has been re-elected as lead member for Cemeteries and Appeals. 

Councillor John Neale says: “As a new Council, we fully intend to build on the work of the previous administration. We are embarking on a new, ambitious place making project in conjunction with Waverley Borough Council to revitalise the town and solve some of the problems that have frustrated local people for many years. With that in mind we will be looking for ways to take better account of younger people’s views so that we produce the best possible outcomes for Farnham.

“Farnham Town Council has a number of working groups and task groups which focus on particular areas of work. Each group has between three and nine members which gives every councillor an opportunity to get involved in areas of the Council’s work in which they are particularly interested. Members of the Working Groups shape and guide the Council’s activities making recommendations to Full Council for decision.”

Full Council will meet for Mayor making on Thursday 27 June.

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