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New councillor co-opted

Farnham Town Councillors have co-opted a new councillor to fill a vacancy in the Bourne ward.

Simon Foale from Lower Bourne was one of five candidates to apply for the role. At the Full Council meeting on 20 December, each of the candidates was invited to give a three-minute presentation explaining what they would bring to the role. Councillors then voted for their preferred candidate with the person receiving the fewest votes being removed from the ballot. This process continued until there was a majority vote for one candidate.

Simon Foale moved to the Bourne in 2016. He has been a Surrey resident for over 20 years and is a former borough councillor in Surrey Heath and Elmbridge Borough Council. Speaking after the Council meeting, he said: “Since leaving the Royal Navy in 2003, I have been very active in my local community. I am now looking forward to playing my part in maintaining and improving our lovely town and to representing the ward where I live. Learning the special place that a Town Council plays in the community will be an honour and a new experience I will relish.”

Following the vote by councillors, Simon Foale was invited to make his declaration of acceptance of office and serve as councillor with immediate effect. He will hold the position until the 2 May 2019 which is when the next full Town Council election will take place.

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