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Cemetery improvements

Bench with shrub and wooden fence behind.

Work is underway at West Street Cemetery to improve the area for visitors seeking a quiet space to reflect and remember loved ones.

The refurbished Garden of Reflection will be separated from the nearby allotments and greenhouses by an attractive wooden fence topped with decorative trellis. This will create a quieter and more private space for people wanting a moment of solitude.

New metal railings are also being installed along the boundary that runs between the cemetery and Bishop’s Meadow. The railings match the existing metalwork at the front of the cemetery.

Councillor Carole Cockburn, Lead Member for Cemeteries says: “This latest work is part of an ongoing programme of activity that aims to preserve the cemeteries as quiet, safe places for visitors to spend time.

“Our cemeteries are also home to a variety of wildlife and we are keen to encourage greater biodiversity through better weed control and the planting of a wildflower meadow in the older part of the cemetery. “

She adds: “Farnham Town Council has committed a significant level of resource into improving the town’s cemeteries. At West Street, this has included restoring the chapel and resurfacing the paths. We have aimed high for the management of West Street Cemetery and for the first time ever, we have decided to enter it into the cemeteries category of this year’s South and South East in Bloom. We see this as a really useful exercise for driving further improvements to the way we manage our cemeteries.”

West Street cemetery will be judged on Thursday 12 July. Anybody who has ideas about how Farnham Town Council can make its cemeteries better is encouraged to send their suggestions to Iain McCready, Business and Facilities Manager at

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