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Vandals target Farnham in Bloom

Trough of soil and broken plants.

The Farnham in Bloom team has expressed their disappointment at having their efforts once again destroyed by vandals.

The most recent incident occurred over a weekend in February. Containers of bulbs were overturned in Haren Garden and pansies were pulled out of troughs along South Street and at Hickley’s Corner.

Councillor Stephen Hill, Lead Member for Farnham in Bloom says: “It’s so disheartening to see the efforts of the many people who contribute to Farnham in Bloom destroyed yet again by mindless vandalism.

“In November, we had a lovely time planting tulip bulbs in Haren Garden with children from Potter’s Gate and St Andrew’s School. They were so enthusiastic and excited about being able to see their bulbs in flower this spring. Unfortunately, this is not going to happen as their hard work has been undone by somebody who appears to have little or no respect for the town.”

As well as obvious acts of destruction, Farnham in Bloom is also being regularly targeted by petty thieves.

Councillor Hill explains: “There have been several recent incidents of plants being pulled up and stolen from containers around the town. Most of the time, we simply replant the containers so people can continue to enjoy the displays, but we’ve reached the point where we have now run out of spare plants and are having to spend taxpayers’ money on buying replacements. It’s such a shame that the actions of a small number of people are impacting on the enjoyment of the majority of residents and visitors.”

Anybody who has information about the recent acts of vandalism or plant theft is asked to contact Farnham Town Council or Surrey Police.

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