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Venison Dinner tickets

Piper, chef holding venison on a platter and the Town Crier.

Tickets for Farnham’s historic Venison Dinner, which dates back over 400 years, are on sale now. The dinner takes place in the atmospheric grandeur of Farnham Castle’s Great Hall on Thursday 16 November and all are welcome to purchase tickets.

The Venison Dinner dates back to the seventeenth century but more recently, local people have proudly kept the tradition going as an annual social event.

Pat Frost, Chairman of the Venison Dinner organising committee explains: “Back in 1605 the bailiffs and burgesses of Farnham faced the problem of local people poaching deer from Farnham Park. Their solution was to hold a venison dinner in an attempt to discourage the poaching. When Farnham townspeople sat down for that first venison dinner, James I was on the throne and Elizabeth I had died just a few years before so we are incredibly proud to continue that tradition over 400 years later. It would be wonderful to see Farnham residents who have never been to the dinner coming along to this year’s event and sharing in this very special part of our town’s history.”

Tickets are £60 per person which includes a drink on arrival, a four-course meal and coffee. A vegetarian alternative to the venison is available. The tickets are available from Farnham Town Council on 01252 712667 or Mrs Pat Frost on 01252 728663.

When the venison is ready to be served, the chef will bring it into the Great Hall accompanied by a piper in traditional dress. The venison will be  presented to the Mayor of Farnham, Councillor Mike Hodge who will be invited to carve the first slice. The dinner, which is supported by Farnham Town Council, will conclude with speeches from Rupert Thompson, owner of the Hogs Back Brewery; Revd. Canon Dr. Jo Bailey Wells, Bishop of Dorking; Iain Lynch, Town Clerk at Farnham Town Council and David Gill, Chairman of Farnham Sports Council, Board Member of Surrey Cricket Foundation and Director of Surrey Playing Fields association.

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