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Neighbourhood Plan latest

A map of Farnham wards transport links

A powerful planning tool, which will guide the long-term future of Farnham and its surrounding countryside is a step closer to being adopted.

After a thorough examination of Farnham’s proposed Neighbourhood Plan and supporting documents, the appointed independent examiner has concluded that the Plan meets the required basic conditions, subject to a number of recommended minor modifications being made.

Waverley Borough Council will now be invited to formally agree the modifications and to put the Plan to referendum to ask Farnham electors if they wish Waverley Borough Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Farnham to help it decide planning applications in the Neighbourhood area. 

The Farnham Neighbourhood Plan is an important document that sets out how land should be used and the type of development that should happen across the area for the next 15 years. It fits with the Waverley Borough Local Plan and shows the houses and employment sites needed in Farnham. It identifies key sites where development could take place and protects the area from inappropriate development.

Commenting on the examiner’s report, Councillor Carole Cockburn, Leader of Farnham Town Council says: “I am delighted that the examiner has found our Draft Neighbourhood Plan to be a sound document and that we will soon be able to proceed to referendum. The plan is the result of years of hard work from residents and businesses. I was particularly pleased to read that the examiner found the public consultation and community engagement work to have been thorough and conducted in a way that all residents, stakeholders, land owners and other interested parties had been able to comment at all stages.

“It is hoped that the referendum will be held in May. This will provide every person who is eligible to vote in Farnham with the opportunity to confirm whether they wish the Neighbourhood Plan to shape development in Farnham over the next 15 years. A majority vote will be needed for the Plan to be made and to become formal planning policy for Farnham.”

The examiner’s verdict was made following an extensive review. Over a period of several months, he considered 202 written representations, made several site visits and held a public inquiry to explore a number of areas in more detail. 

See a full copy of the examiner’s report.


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