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Nominate Buildings of Local Merit

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A project seeking to secure recognition for Farnham buildings considered to be of local architectural or historic interest is drawing to a close.

Members of the public have until 3 February to put forward nominations for the buildings they would like to see designated as Buildings of Local Merit.

Farnham Town Council has been working with the Farnham Society to compile a list of buildings that have potential to be put forward as Buildings of Local Merit. Commenting, Leader of the Council, Councillor Carole Cockburn says: “Farnham has many beautiful buildings which contribute greatly to the individual appeal of the town and villages. While a good number of Farnham’s buildings are already protected by listed building status, there are others that do not meet the Department of National Heritage’s listing criteria but that we feel do need to be recognised as being of importance to Farnham.

“So far, together with input from community groups, we have put together a list of around 150 buildings. These vary from town centre shops to domestic dwellings. We’ve also seen nominations for examples of Victorian architecture and more modern 1960s and 70s designs. There is still time to add to the list so, if anybody knows of a building that they feel should be safeguarded so it can be enjoyed by future generations, please do submit a nomination.”

For a building to be considered as a Building of Local Merit, it will need to meet the following criteria:

Older buildings, pre-1700 and up to 1840, that may have been altered or extended, but retain the essential form and characteristics of their period

Buildings constructed between 1840 and 1914, which retain some quality and character. Selection should include the modest work of principal architects and the principal work of modest architects and other buildings of quality, which display particular local features or materials

Buildings post-1914 to the present day that pertain a defined quality

Buildings of special value within their type, which display technological innovation, form part of a significant group, serve as an important landmark or are associated with a well-known character or event.

If the suggested building meets the criteria, Farnham Town Council will write to the owners to confirm they are happy for their building to be nominated. Once agreed, the list will be submitted to Waverley Borough Council for adoption. If Waverley supports the proposed list, the buildings will be added to a formal listing, which will ensure they are protected and conserved.

See the Buildings of Local Merit page to see the buildings that have already been proposed and to put forward a nomination.


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