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Busy bees get sewing

Children performers with green costumes and large flower hats .

One hundred and fifty dancers involved in Farnham Blooming wore specially created costumes thanks to a £500 grant from the South Street Trust.

The community sewing project involved prop makers and seamstresses making skirts, tops, headdresses and wings for the Farnham in Bloom dance project. The dance was performed before judges of Farnham in Bloom on 7 July.

The community dance project was led by The Dance Movement and their theme for the dance was the Green Man. This is often interpreted as a symbol that represents the cycle of growth and so all the costumes were representative of the natural environment.

Councillor John Ward, Mayor of Farnham presented the cheque to The Dance Movement and said: “The Mayoress and I were delighted by the costumes and were very impressed by the quality. I could see that a lot of thought had to go into the costume design as they had to be robust enough to withstand several dance performances but flexible enough for the dances to move freely.”

The South Street Trust awards around £20,000 per year to organisations seeking funding for art-based educational activities. See more information about how to apply for a grant from the South Street Trust.

Farnham Blooming dance costumes.

Farnham Blooming dance costumes.

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