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School council visits Farnham

Children with the Mayor in the council chamber

Fourteen pupils from Potters Gate School have taken part in a simulated council meeting at Farnham Town Council.

The pupils are members of their School Council and ranged in age from six to 11. The Council meeting was chaired by the Mayor of Farnham, Councillor Mrs Pat Frost and took place in the formal setting of the Council Chamber.

The Mayor, who wore full Mayoral robes, opened the meeting by welcoming the children. She then invited each school councillor to ask a question. The children covered a variety of subjects including how you become a councillor and how old you have to be, the role of the Mayor and how often the Mayor has met the Queen.

Councillor Mrs Pat Frost, Mayor of Farnham says: “The children were excellent ambassadors for their school. They asked some very good questions and when I asked them what Farnham Town Council can do to improve life for young people, they provided very mature and sensible responses. The children felt passionately about making it safer to cross roads, particularly outside their school. I was very impressed by how the children conducted themselves and would not be at all surprised if one or more chooses a political career.”

The meeting concluded with the Town Clerk explaining the meaning of the town crest and how each symbol illustrates the main features in Farnham’s history.

The Mayor would welcome requests for other school councils to hold a meeting in the Council Chamber. Schools wishing to take part should email the Mayor of Farnham.

Children with the Mayor in the council chamber

Potters Gate School Council

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